Romina Mancusso, Graduating Class of 2012

Undergraduate Institution: University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Laboratory: Dr. Da-Neng Wang

Project: "Structure and Mechanism of a Bacterial Sodium-Dependent Dicarboxylate Transporter." My project is focused on understanding the mechanism of action of a membrane transporter through x-ray crystallography and biochemical analysis. 

Student Perspective: I just graduated from the molecular biophysics graduate program. My project was very exciting but also quite challenging. With the support and help of my mentor, lab members, fellow students and a great scientific community I was able to achieve my goals. Today I am proud of the choices I made with both the NYU graduate program and the lab where I did my research. The NYU medical center community is diverse but at the same time compact, allowing us to share our science in an environment of camaraderie and respect. But more important than the friendly atmosphere, is the outstanding science that takes place at the university. Faculty members are on top of their fields and open to talk with us about our work, trying to make of us the best scientist we can be. We are constantly exposed to the science that is going on in other labs as we get useful advise for our own. Also, the Skirball Institute and the whole NYU medical center invite excellent scientist from outside of the university, with whom we have opportunity to interact personally.

Ultimately, this program is set up to train and mentor us to become better scientists, setting us in the right path to pursue a successful career upon completion of our degree.