Michelle Leblanc, Entering Class of 2008

Undergraduate Institution: University of North Texas

Fellowship: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Laboratory: Dr. Ruth Lehmann

Project: Understanding how germ cells initiate migration and perceive migratory cues


Student Perspective: I dreamed of living in NYC since I can remember. I just didn’t know that it would be as a PhD student. As a former dancer I knew that though I wanted to pursue a career in science that I couldn’t completely separate myself from the performing arts. 

I didn’t just choose NYU, I was drawn to the program, the research and the collaborative nature of Skirball and the Developmental Genetics program. As large and intimidating as NYC could feel, being a part of such a close-knit and supportive program helps alleviate the stress and anxiety that could accompany starting a PhD in a large city. Not only am I now a part of a strong, encouraging, innovative institute, but I can take advantage of all the scientific and artistic institutes throughout the city.