Skirball Web Publishing Policy

The Skirball Institute World Wide Web Hierarchy (WWWH) will reflect the mission of the Institute in both content and style. Specifically:

  • Information services provided through the WWWH must be related to those ongoing pursuits of accredited members of the Institution which conform to the Institute's mission. Information services not of a scientific, medical, educational or administrative nature must be removed.

  • Educational materials must be of a scientific, medical, educational or administrative nature.

  • Although no standard is specified for the home pages of individuals within the Institute, their purpose will be to convey the role of the individual within the Institute and to advertise the scientific, medical or adminstrative accomplishments of individuals which make up the Skirball Institute. Personal opinions, hobbies and outside pursuits do not belong on these pages, nor are these pages intended to be distribution sites for information not related to the Institute's activities. All home pages should reflect both in style and content the mission of the Skirball Institute.