Jupiter Usage Policy

The Skirball Institute provides the privilege of the use of space on the file server jupiter based on a user's affiliation with a Skirball Institute Investigator's laboratory:

  • There is no guarentee of privacy for files on jupiter; files stored in the principle investigator's space can be viewed upon request only by the principle investigator, the administrative director, or the system administator. (i.e. Dr. A can't see what Dr. B's lab or people are doing, but the Administrative Director or IT could if need be)
  • Access to Space (allocated by laboratory) is granted to individuals who work within a given Skirball lab. Accounts are given to students, postdocs, and technicians associated with the lab.
  • If rotating to another laboratory in skirball, the user is responsible for informing the IT in Skirball (by mailing skirball.help@med.nyu.edu) of the move so that the user's lab affiliation can be kept up to date and files can be moved to the new laboratory space.
  • Access to juptier is dependent on an affiliation with a laboratory in the Skirball Institute. Access to an account is terminated upon the severing of affiliation with a Skirball laboratory. Notification of termination can come only from either the principle investigator of the lab or from Skirball central administration.
  • Only materials relevant to the business of the lab should be put onto jupiter. As such, there is no guarentee of privacy for anything stored on jupiter.
  • Research data placed in an individual's account space will be made available to the principle investigator upon request.
  • Password selection: As a user of jupiter you are responsible for selecting a secure password. Your password should not be easily guess-able and should not be shared with anyone.
  • Password audits: Routine password audits are performed on accounts. If a password is found to be inadequate, the user will be asked to change the password to something more secure. Failure to do this will result in the suspension of login privileges.