IT info for new hires in Skirball

  • First get your kerberosID and your kerberos password. You should have a kerberos ID by the time you're reading this page. You can come up to the IT office in Skirball (3rd floor Lab 6) to get help finding your kerberosID and getting your password set. Your kerberosID and password are your keys to accessing many resources available to you in the Skirball Institute and the Medical Center as a whole. 
  • Second, verify that you are listed properly in the Phone Book. This is a very important step which has ramifactions all over the website. Specifically, make sure your Lab Affiliation , phone number, and lab address are all correct. (this information is used for things like package delivery, so it is important to make sure your lab address is correct!) 
  • Sign up for the mailing list for your floor. (you'll need your saturn username and password in order to access the webpage) If you're on the 2nd floor it is mpall, the 3rd floor is sball, the 4th floor is dgall and the 5th floor is nball. 
  • If you have a computer you want to hook up to the network or need an IP address for login to MCIT self service and request your network port be activated and IP address created. 
  • Once you have an IP address you can download supported software for your mac from the keyserver website
  • Familiarize yourself with the IT policies. The documents describe what you should expect in relation to your email, print, and other computer/network services offered in the Skirball Institute. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the IT help pages on the Skirball website. On it you will find the most frequently asked questions (along with answers).
  • You can always e-mail skirball.help@med.nyu.edu for assistance with any computer needs.