PI Discussion Procedure

The PI discussion group is now held two times a month on Wednesdays with the exception of December when there will be only one presentation. All presentations are at 1:00PM in the 3rd floor conference room, unless otherwise noted. Each PI has been randomly assigned a date for his or her presentation and a schedule has been created and distributed to all PIs. If the assigned date conflicts with your schedule, please switch with another PI and advise Laurie Rivera to update the schedule.

  1. Usually, two weeks prior to each presentation, Laurie Rivera will contact the presenting PI to confirm the date and request the title of the PI's presentation.
  2. One week before the event, Laurie will send out an e-mail to all PIs and Project Assistants listing the speaker, title of presentation, date, time, and location (usually the 3rd Floor Conference Room). 
  3. Laurie will contact the speaker to verify any audio/visual equipment necessary for the presentation and advise the PI's PA for set-up.
  4. Also, one week before the presentation, a lunch order will be placed for thr PI's.
  5. On the Monday prior to the presentation, another reminder email will go out to all PIs and Project Assistants.
  6. During the morning of the presentation day, an email reminder will be sent and another one when the presentation is about to begin. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Laurie Rivera 3-3289.