X-Ray Generator

The x-ray generator on R-AXIS IIC is composed of two major parts, the rotating anode (target) and the cathode/filament. Both components are housed in an x-ray tube (chamber) under very high vacuum. The target rotates at 6000 rpm, driven by a motor, and cooled by chilled water from a water chiller. The tube is powered up to 50kV and 100mA for data collection. Below is a list of some common procedures and possible problems in the operation/service of the x-ray generator.

To service the anode, it's necessary to

  1. Undo the belt (see change belt).
  2. Release vacuum (see pump/release vacuum).
  3. Disconnect water hoses (four of them).
  4. Dismount the rotation sensor (see the drawing to the left).
  5. Remove side cover [need to undo four (green in the figure) screws], which also removes the whole anode assembly, and cover the side with a replacement plate (which is in one of the tool/accessory drawers in the lab).
  6. After service, re-install the assembly in reversed order.

To service the cathode/filament, it's necessary to

  1. Release vacuum.
  2. Remove front cover [also need to undo four (green in the figure) screws].
  3. After service, re-install cathode/filament in reversed order.