Tuning for normal run

The chiller is simple to operate - just press the power switch - but watch how it is set.

Temperature: Usually set between 60o to 68oF. Never be higher than 70oF. The two round meters at the lower part of the front panel tell you the actually water temperatures.

Flow: The two flow gauges on the right can be adjusted by turning the two red dials. Note that they maybe coupled and you have to adjust them so that the floating indicators are between the two lines marked on the gauge. The one on the left can only be adjusted from inside. Lift the top cover and the front panel, and you'll see a brass regulator. Turn the screw at the top for adjustment.

Pump selection switch: Don't touch this one. It's set always at the BOTH position.

Pressure: Not much you can do about it with whatever reading. The bottomline is whether the R-AX

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