The R-AXIS IIC Overview

A Schematic Top-View

The R-AXIS IIC system consists mainly four basic sub-units as shown in this schematic view. Click on the picture to see the details, as well as know some of the common procedures and problems, of each unit. Go to R-AXIS control to get a general idea about the control operation of the system, and see cryo system for the operation of the MSC cryo transfer system. Note that the focusing mirror optics controls box is used together with the PDA-18 meter to align the x-ray beam. The PDA-18 meter, when connected to an x-ray detector, will show the intensity of the x-ray beam coming out the collimator. Note also that the readout system has two IPs, which allows simultanrous data collection and readout.

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The Real Thing

This photo shows how actually the system looks like externally. Note that the x-ray generator is located at the center of the photo where the cryo-tube rises. The box to the right of the x-ray generator and with a red frame contains the optical control system, below which in the forground are the mirror control and PDA-18 meters. The big light-yellowish box to the far right houses the readout system. The R-AXIS control panel can be seen underneath the system. The blue box to the left of the x-ray generator and in the background is the cryo system control box, behind which is the water chiller (only a dark gray top is seen).

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