X-ray Optical System

The R-AXIS IIC x-ray optical system, schematically shown here, is contained in what known as a mirror box. The position and curveture of the two mirrors in the system can be adjusted manually using the mirror optics controls together with a PDA-18 meter (shown below), which converts x-ray intensity to current This component of the R-AXIS determines how good one can focus the x-ray beam from the generator.

This is a figure of the main device for x-ray beam alignment. The optics control can operate on the mirrors in terms of translating and focusing, as well as closing and opening the slit associated with a particular mirror. The only purpose of these manipulations is to obtain the highest possible monochromatic x-ray beam intensity while cutting as much as possible the white x-ray (refer to standard text books for x-ray optics). This task can only be accomplished when some sort x-ray detectors, in this case a PDA-18 meter, is used. Get yourself familiarized with the knobs and switches on the control box, refer to the figure above if necessary to understand how these controls work. Go to beam alignment for details.