Lab Rules

A Tentative User Guide for the X-ray Lab

1. About The Lab

The X-ray Lab (the Lab hereafter) is equipped with two Rigaku R-AXIS IIC two-dimensional X-ray diffractometers that utilize a rotating anode X-ray generator and an image plate read-out system to collect X-ray diffraction data for protein and other macromolecular monocrystal structure analysis.

The equipment in the Lab will be used mostly by researchers in the Skirball Structural Biology groups. Some of the facilities are open to the Medical Center. Dr. Andrew Lai is the lab engineer responsible for daily management, maintenance and service coordination. The Lab is expected to be a very busy one, therefore the general guideline to all users is: BE CAREFULL WHEN USING ANY FACILITIES AND BE CONSIDERATE TO ALL OTHER USERS.

2. Schedule and log-in

  • All R-AXIS users are required to sign in on the schedule calendar at least 24 hours before their planned session to use the machine. Every user must fill in his/her name, time range, and special mode. Cancellation should be made on the schedule calendar as soon as the user decides to cancel a scheduled session.
  • R-AXIS users should note down on the users log for each session their name, date, and the general condition of the machine for their session. Write down also in the comments area any malfunction, warning messages, abnormal vacuum readings, and other relevant information.
  • In addition to keeping record in the log-book, an user should report immediately to the lab engineer of any problems that prevent the normal operation or need prompt service.

3. Operation of R-AXIS Systems

  • Always follow instruction manuals. If one is not sure about certain operation, consult an experienced user or lab staff.
  • Users are also encouraged to get help from relevent sections of the lab's web-page, which contain a variaty of information regarding procedures and solutions for problems contributed by experienced users of the Lab.
  • Users should write down the problems on the blackboard in the Lab if the lab engineer is not immediately available.

4. Safety and Security

  • All NYULMC safety code regarding facilities radioactive materials and chemicals should be followed in the Lab.
  • The last person leaving the Lab after 6:00pm on weekdays or any time on weekends must make sure the main gate of the X-ray Lab be locked.

Drafted originally by Andrew Lai, Ph.D.
NYU Langone Medical Center, Skirball Institute
Phone: (212) 263-7099 Fax: (212) 263-5711

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Last modified on October 20, 1997