Skirball Central Lab Services

The mission of the Central Lab Services Department (CLS) is to maintain and operate all facilities of the Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine, including laboratory operations, facilities management, preventative maintenance, utilities management and safety compliance. The CLS Department consists of two groups, the Glassware Washing group and the Media Prep group. The Glassware Washing group is responsible for the collection, washing, sterilization and storage of all glassware, plasticware and miscellaneous supplies used throughout the laboratory facilities. The Media Prep group is responsible for the preparation of specialty media, buffers and media plates used in scientific experiments by Principal Investigators and laboratory personnel.


Contact Information:

Media Prep Lab

Glassware Wash Room

Glassware Wash Room

Skirball 2nd Floor

Skirball 2nd Floor

Skirball 4th Floor





Members of the CLS Department:


Michael Mirabile
Director, Research Laboratory Operations
Tel: 646-501-4243
Apolinario Dela Torre,
Coordinator, Research Laboratory Operations
Tel: 646-501+8268
Lizzette Soto,
Senior Laboratory Assistant
Tel: 212-263-8061
Simona Di Palma,
Senior Research Technician
Tel: 212-263-3182
Jenny Nunez,
Senior Laboratory Assistant
Tel: 212-263-3064
Joanna Rogone,
Research Technician
Tel: 212-263-3182
Alejandra Frias,
Laboratory Assistant
Tel: 212-263-3064