Cost of Services for NYU Investigators

Mass spectometry

 MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry of peptides (MW<10,000) $45/sample
 MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry of proteins (MW>10,000) $80/sample
 In-Gel digestion $125/band
 Peptide Sequencing by Q-TOF MS/MS (1-20 peptides/sample) $185/sample
Zip-tip sample clean-up (micro reverse phase chromatography $25/sample
Phosphoprotein Analysis
Nonphophorylated Control Protein Analysis
Plus each phosphorylation site

Difficult Samples


Protein Identification from SDS-Page gels

(requires both in-gel digestion and mass spectrometry analysis)

Total price $310/band for protein ID by MS/MS sequencing (default method)
Total price $190/band ID by MALDI-TOF peptide mass mapping

Cost Breakdown for Protein ID:

  • In-gel tryptic digestion, includes zip-tip desalting: $160/gel band
  • Q-TOF or Ion Trap MS/MS peptide sequencing and database search: $250/gel band
  • MALDI-TOF MS and DB search (peptide mass mapping): $90/gel band

Nonprofit Labs outside of NYU add 20% to above prices
For-profit Labs add 50% to above prices
Perlmutter Cancer Center Labs see price list in online ordering system