The facilities of the Skirball Institute include greatly expanded state-of-the-art laboratories and high-quality research equipment and technical services. These provide investigators from various disciplines with the tools necessary to conduct groundbreaking biomedical research. Typical laboratory floors are organized with investigator labs lining the east and west sides of the building with the central region being used for common services. Administrative offices and conference rooms are located in the annex at the northeast corner of the building.

Skirball Central Lab Services (CLS)

  • Skirball CLS maintain and operate Skirball Institute Facilities, along with glassware washing and media preparation.  

  • Skirball investigators can Order Media using online submission.

Equipment Signups

  • Shared equipment in the Skirball Institute is available to all Skirball laboratories.  Reservations for each facility can be made online using equipment signups.  

Skirball Facilities


  • NYU School of Medicine houses large core facilities with equipment that is available to all researchers within the institution.  The Office of Collaborative Science (OCS) oversees these large core laboratories throughout the Medical Center to ensure that investigators have access to necessary technologies offered within the cores.