New Employee Checklist

  1. For people who weren't hired through the payroll system, please contact the Skirball Central Administation office (3nd floor) for a letter to the security department to obtain an identification badge. For people who were hired through the payroll system, information about how to obtain a badge will be distributed at the time of their appointment with Employment/HR. The new employee should go to security (Alumni Hall, Room G-100, ext. 35120) between 10am and 4pm to have this done. The card gets picked up the next day, same hours.
  2. Give the new employee a key that opens doors to labs, copy room, journal room, etc. Usually, the master key for each floor does it all. Some employees may also need access to animal facilities or fish rooms. The locksmith (located in the security office, ext. 73883) can make extra keys if necessary.
  3. Take or send the new employee to the Skirball IT office and see either Joshua Hart or Adam Dluzniewski to an e-mail account requested. [This could take a day or two after the request, and can only be completed once they have a Kerberos ID.] The new employee should also sign up for the appropriate e-mailing lists (see the Skirball E-mail List Subscribe Tool; enter your kerberosID and password when prompted). [And make sure to sign them up to *all* the lists they need to be subscribed to]
  4. Give them the codes for FAX machines, copiers, color copier on third floor, etc.
  5. New post-docs and techs should fill out applications for radiation badges and forward them to the Department of Radiation Safety (Rusk Research 820, ext. 36888). The office will arrange appointments.
  6. Get the new employee's date of birth, contact phone number, home address, and social security number. This information is necessary for grants, check requests, etc., and is useful to have on hand in the case of an emergency.
  7. Order lab coats from Michael Mirabile. Inform the person where dirty coats get dropped off.
  8. Take or direct them to the medical library (MSB G-90, ext. 35397) and have them sign up for library privileges.
  9. Explain to post-docs that they get paid on 1st of the month and tell them where to pick up checks. Explain to technicians that they get paid every two weeks and inform them who will hand out the checks, which are available after 3:30 pm every other Thursday. Also inform them whom they should contact when they are going on vacation or calling in sick.
  10. Get a copy of the new employee's CV for our files
  11. Add the new employee to the PI's animal protocol if necessary.
  12. Inform the new employee of the resources available on our homepage.
  13. Add the new employee to the on-line Skirball phone directory.
  14. Give the new employee information about checking accounts, direct deposit, etc. if necessary. You can get this information from the main administrative office, (2nd floor admin area, ext. 38950).
  15. Inform new Developmental Genetics employee of floor meetings and presentations. Put new DG post-docs on the list.