Employee Exit Procedure

The following checklist was designed to assist in the employee separation process. It could also be used for employees beginning Skirball leaves of absence. While some of the items listed will not be applicable to all situations, the checklist should be helpful in suggesting areas of concern when employees leave the Skirball Institute. The checklist should be retained by the Skirball Administrative Manager for one year after completion for future reference.

On or before an employee's last day:

  • Please have the employee contact the Skirball Administrative Manager to discuss their case and answer any concerns.
  • The Skirball Administrative Manager will (if employee is separating voluntarily) request a letter of resignation. This letter provides documentation of the employee's intention to resign, allowing the department to post and refill the position more efficiently. It should contain the last day of active work, the last day on the payroll, and the reason for leaving.
  • Employees leaving Skirball will be advised to schedule a meeting to review information related to benefits, such as TRS funds, COBRA Insurance, Employee Reimbursement Accounts, etc. A personal meeting with an NYU Benefit's Representative is recommended. The NYU Benefit's Office is located at One Park Avenue, 11th Floor and can be contacted at (212) 404-3777 for more information.
  • The Skirball Administrative Manager will prepare a CPP terminating the employee, process it according to NYU guidelines, and send the CPP to the NYU Compensation Office with a copy of pertinent correspondence (such as a copy of the resignation letter).
  • Payroll will be notified by the employing department of any remaining accrued vacation hours. An address for mailing payment should be stated by the employee at this time to ensure payment is not delayed.
  • It is also advisable that you notify your department of a forwarding address for W-2 forms (send to NYU Compensation and the NYU Payroll Department)

Project Assistants should advise employee to:

  • Contact the Skirball Administrative Manager to discuss the case and answer any concerns.
  • Contact NYU, Benefit Services regarding continuation/conversion of benefits
  • Contact Mail Services regarding new mailing address

Project Assistants should arrange for the return of:

  • Keys (Department retains)
  • ID Badge (Department delivers to the NYU Security Office)
  • AT&T card: Return to Department
  • University credit cards: return to the Skirball Institute Financial Department
  • Procurement cards: Return to Purchasing, "Attn: Procurement Cards"
  • Travel Advance Accounts: Notify Voucher Audit/Travel, Division of Financial Affairs, to close account
  • Department Equipment (Department retains)
  • Parking permits (return to Transportation and Mail Services)
  • Reference manuals (department retains)
  • Library materials (return to appropriate library)
  • Uniforms (department retains)

As soon as possible after employee's last day, as appropriate:

  • Remove the employee from the Skirball Phone Directory
  • Cancel departmental computer passwords and computer accounts (at departmental discretion) by contacting Joshua Hart at the Skirball IT Services Office
  • Cancel signature authorization (send to the Skirball Finance Manager directly)
  • Cancel subscriptions (at departmental discretion)