NYU Langone Medical Center Facilities & Emergency Management Contacts

Real Estate Development and Facilities Department (RED & F):

  • RED & F (Facilities Operations & Maintenance) is responsible for maintaining all facility operations, including general maintenance, electrical, plumbing, masonry, carpentry, HVAC systems, refrigeration, fire alarms, and building structures in accordance with New York City building standards and fire codes.

  • Phone #: (212) 263-5275 (Ext. 35275)

  • http://redaf.med.nyu.edu/facilities-operations-maintenance/facilities-operations

Environmental Services:

Emergency Management:

  • Emergency Management + Enterprise Resilience is responsible to coordinating emergency planning and response for the NYULMC enterprise. This includes planning and response for both man-made and natural hazards, as well as business continuity and resilience planning.

  • Phone: 212-263-2090

  • http://central.nyumc.org/clin/admin/E-Mgmt/Pages/home.aspx

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S):

  • EH&S department is responsible for the safety of patients, visitors and staff at NYULMC.  EH&S establishes emergency safety plans and employee training in accordance with the Joint Commission (JC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Department of Labor (DOL) regulatory compliance policies and NYULMC safety guidelines.

  • Phone #: (212) 263-5159 (Ext. 35159)

  • http://redaf.med.nyu.edu/safety/environmental-health-safety

Radiation Safety:

  • Radiation Safety department is responsible for ensuring safety and compliance with regulations associated with the use of radioactive materials in accordance with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), various licenses and other regulatory agencies.

  • Phone #: (212) 263-6888 (Ext. 36888)

  • http://redaf.med.nyu.edu/safety/radiation-safety

Campus Security:

  • Campus Security is responsible for the safety and security of all patients, visitors and staff at the NYULMC. Other services include Locksmith, ID Cards, Access Badges and 3-3911 – Emergency Hotline.

  • Phone #: (212) 263-5120 (Ext. 35120 or 7-3000)

  • http://redaf.med.nyu.edu/campus-security