2005 - The Biology of Sex

The Biology of Sex

The Biology of Sex: From genes to behavior

June 17, 2005
10:00 AM – 5:30 PM Farkas Auditorium
New York University School of Medicine, 540 First Ave., NY

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Sex is among the most powerful forces driving evolution, genetic variability and animal behavior. This year’s Skirball Symposium will provide a forum for discussion of the molecular, cellular, and behavioral mechanisms underlying sexual reproduction. We will examine the genetic basis for sex determination, as well as the factors responsible for maintaining germ cells (the ultimate stem cells) in a niche that safeguards the genetic material from generation to generation. We will also explore the attractants, rituals, and neural circuits that create relationships, shape societies, and promote species survival. Altogether, this symposium promises to provide exciting new insights into the origins of sexual diversity and procreation.


10:15 AM Genes, gender, and germ cells
Dr. David Page
11:00 AM Stem cells searching for a meaningful relationship
Dr. Allan Spradling
11:45 AM The neurobiology of the pair bond
Dr. Larry Young
12:30 PM LUNCH
2:00 PM The neurobiology of sexual reward
Dr. Lique Coolen
2:45 PM The modularity of behavior: genetics and the patterns of aggression
in male and female fruit flies

Dr. Ed Kravitz
4:00 PM Sex and repression
Dr. Barbara Meyer
4:45 PM Molecular architecture of pheromone sensing in mammals
Dr. Catherine Dulac