Molecular Machines

Molecular Machines

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5th Annual Skirball Institute Symposium on Molecular Machines

May 9, 2003
New York University Medical Center,
Farkas Auditorium

Organizers: Joel Belasco, Xiangpeng Kong, Tom Neubert , David Stokes




9:30 AM


9:45 AM

Seth Darst - Rockefeller University
Structural Studies of Prokaryotic Transcription

10:35 AM

Venki Ramakrishnan - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Insights Into the Mechanism of mRNA Decoding By the Ribosome

11:25 AM

Helen Saibil - Birkbeck College
Folding-Active States of Chaperonins

12:30 PM


2:00 PM

Jon Kull - Dartmouth College
Mechanochemical Coupling in Kinesin and Myosin

2:50 PM

Keiichi Namba - Osaka University
Mechanisms of Self-Assembly and Switching of the Bacterial Flagellum

3:40 PM

Coffee Break

4:00 PM

Walker - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
The Rotary Mechanism of ATP Synthase

4:50 PM

Doug Rees - California Institute of Technology
Structure of BtuCD, the ABC Transporter for vitamin B12